Minor in Computer Science

The minor in computer science is designed for students in other majors who want to learn the fundamentals of designing and implementing computer software.


  1. Two courses from:
    CS 415, Introduction to Computer Science I and CS 416, Introduction to Computer Science II
    or CS414, From Problems to Algorithms to Programs and CS417, From Programs to Computer Science
    or CS410, Introduction to Scientific Programming and CS417, From Programs to Computer Science
  2. CS 515, Data Structures
  3. Two additional courses chosen from:
    CS 520, Assembly Language Programming and Machine Organization
    CS 619, Introduction to Software Design Development
    CS 620, Operating System Fundamentals
    CS 659*, Introduction to the Theory of Computation
    CS 671, Programming Language Concepts and Features
    One approved CS 700-level course
    *CS 659 has mathematics prerequisites: MATH 425, MATH 426, and MATH 531

NOTE: All courses for the minor must be completed with a C- or higher.