Information Technology Honors in Major


This program is intended to provide qualified IT students with the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the broad field of Information Technology.


Students who are already participating in the University Honors Program must also complete Honors-In-Major. Upon completion of all of the prescribed requirements (which include maintaining an overall and in-major GPA of 3.4), these students will graduate with the University Honors designation on their transcript and diploma. However, any student with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.4 (both overall and in-major) is eligible for Honors-in-Major coursework. Upon completion of the Honor-in-Major requirements outlined below (and by maintaining the minimum overall and in-major GPA of 3.4), these students will graduate with the Honors-In-Major designation on their transcript and diploma. Eligible students should consult with their advisor or the IT program director in developing a plan for completion of the required courses.


Students must fulfill each of the following requirements (total of 16 credits):

  1. Complete one required IT course (within the CS department) as an Honors-designated course. This will normally require the student to request from the instructor permission to add the honors designation to a non-honors course.
  2. Complete one course in the student’s chosen Second Discipline that is either
    1. an honors-designated course, or
    2. a course at the 700-level
  3. Complete one additional IT course at the 600+-level (beyond those required for the major)
  4. Complete IT 710H (Senior Project) – In addition to participating in the Senior Project, the IT 710H student must complete a thesis on a topic related to the project. The thesis must be developed and executed in consultation with a thesis advisor (the course instructor or another CS department faculty member) during the semester of IT710H, and the student must provide a written report and give a public presentation of the thesis results prior to the completion of IT 710H.