CS 792: Senior Project II

(Coordinator: Collette Matthias Powers)

Catalog description

A continuation of CS791. Students complete the project by implementing their design. Students work in teams. Successful completion of this course fulfills the Capstone Experience requirement for Computer Science majors.


  • This course is a required course.
  • This course can be combined with a CS–696W module to satisfy a Writing Intensive requirement.


  • methodologies of software development: perform a full software development life-cycle (design, implementation and testing) or perform research and document their findings as well as next steps.
  • understand the principles and techniques of a range of advanced topics in computer science: student projects require full design and implementation, which enables them to use a variety of techniques in computer science they have learned through their courses.
  • have good written and oral communications skills : document project/research requirements, design and/or results as well as next steps. Present design and completed project to peers as well in the Undergraduate Research Conference.
  • be able to work within a team: students work with peers, faculty and mentors throughout their project.


  • Weekly Journals (15%)
  • Bi-Monthly Team Meetings with Professor (5%)
  • Bi-Monthly Peer Reviews (5%)
  • Technical Design Document (15%)
  • Final Project Presentation (15%)
  • Undergraduate Research Conference Participation (5%)
  • Sponsor Evaluation - 2 during semester(40%)


Varies based on project.