CS 775/875: Database Systems

(Coordinator: Elizabeth Varki)

Catalog description

Introduction to database management systems — design, implementation, and usage — with focus on the relational model. Data description, manipulation, and query language in the context of MySQL. Schema design and normalization; indexes, transaction processing. Web access of databases (PHP); overview of XML and noSQL systems. No credit if credit earned for IT 775. Prereq: CS 671 and MATH 531.


  • This course is one of the CS electives.
  • This course can be combined with a CS–696W module to satisfy a Writing Intensive requirement.


  • methodologies of software development.
  • principles and techniques of calculus, probability and statistics, and mathematical proof techniques.
  • think abstractly and reason logically about computer science problems.
  • principles and techniques of a range of advanced topics in computer science.


Seven assignments (50%), weekly quizzes (10%), one midterm exam (15%) and one comprehensive final exam (25%).


  • overview of databases.
  • relational model.
  • relational algebra and predicate calculus.
  • SQL
  • normalization
  • UML diagrams
  • Indexes
  • Transactions
  • Constraints and Triggers
  • Views
  • XML and NoSQL systems


  • Fundamentals of Database Systems (6th Edition) by Ramez Elmasri, Shamkrant Navathe, ISBN 9780136086208