CS 770: Computer Graphics

(Coordinator: R. Daniel Bergeron)

Catalog description

Input-output and representation of pictures from hardware and software points of view; interactive techniques and their applications; three-dimensional image synthesis techniques.


  • Principles of computer graphics, event-driven programming, basic matrix representations. [Program expected outcome: # 9]
  • Students will get experience designing and developing significant size programs. [Program expected outcome: # 1]
  • Students will get experience integrating a variety of data structures and algorithms learned in previous courses into working graphics software. [Program expected outcome: #2 and 3].


  • Biweekly programming projects (65%)
  • Midsemester and final exams, both 2-hr (35%)


  • OpenGL one solution to graphics problem; OpenGL state; OpenGL coordinates
  • GLUT/GLUI platform-independent interface to OS and user
  • 2D/3D Coordinate systems, homogeneous coordinate
  • Basic linear algebra
  • 3D Hierarchical Object modeling masters/instances
  • 3D Viewing; perspective, orthographic projections
  • view volumes; clipping
  • Color and Shading Color models
  • Lighting models
  • Visibility; back-face Culling; depth buffer
  • Texture mapping; 2D and 3D
  • parametric surface representation
  • Antialiasing; supersampling; mipmaps
  • temporal aliasing
  • RayTracing
  • Shader languages GLSL
  • Animation
  • Radiosity


Angel and Shreiner, - Interactive Computer Graphics, A Top-down approach with OpenGL