CS 405: Introduction to Applications Programming with Visual Basic

Catalog Description

Introduces the concepts and techniques of microcomputer windows programming. Students use the Visual Basic language to develop modular, event-driven programs/applications. Topics include: forms, properties, controls, variables, decision structures, and built-in and user-defined functions and subroutines. CEPS students should check with their major department for approval. Not open to CS majors.

Majors not allowed in section: COMPUTER SCIENC, CS:BIOINFORM
Attributes: Quantitative Reasoning GP 2

Course Topics

Introduce students to application programming using an integrated development environment. Visual Basic is used as the programming language which also introduces the students to event-driven programming.

  • Design, implement, test, and debug programs involving basic computation, simple I/O, standard conditional and iterative structures, functions, events, objects
  • Create a graphical user interface using forms and controls provided in the programming language
  • Identify and use good programming style
  • Choose appropriate conditional and iteration constructs for a given programming task and apply them properly
  • Introduce Object Oriented Programming Techniques


  • Lab Assignments
  • Programming Assignments
  • Quizzes
  • Mid-Term and Final Exam