Cognate in Skills and Perspecitves for the Digital World


The Cognate in Skills and Perspectives for the Digital World is designed so that students both engage with and reflect on the technology associated with the digital world. The curriculum consists of three courses: one to strengthen understanding of the technologies that drive the World Wide Web, one course to explore computer programming, and one course to consider the impact of the technologies on society.

The Cognate will provide students with a foundation for the development of technical and critical skills aligned with one of the 21st century’s defining areas- information technology. For example, a recent statement by GE’s CEO asserts that if you join the company today, as opposed to 20 years ago, you’re going to learn to code even though you may be in sales, finance or operations. This Cognate gives students and future employees a fundamental introduction into technologies that are necessary for high functioning in today’s world, both in the workplace and beyond.

The cognate consists of three courses as outlined below and the Cognate will appear on each student’s transcript.


  • IT 403 – Intro to Internet Technologies

Choose One:

  • CS 405: Introduction to Programming with Visual Basic (QR Disc)
  • CS 414: From Problems to Algorithms to Programs (QR Disc)
  • CS 410: Introduction to Scientific Programming

Choose One:

  • ANTH 508: Anthropology of the Internet (SS Disc)
  • WS 444D: Gender in the Virtual World (ETS Disc, INQ)
  • CS 408: Living in a Networked World: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (ETS Disc)
  • ENGL 415E: Literature and Cyberculture (HUMA Disc)