Cognate in Information Technology

The ToolboxCognatein Information Technologyis designedtoprovidestudents withknowledgeandskills requiredbyessentiallyany jobtoday.

With introductory level options, including course sfrom outside the department,the cognate is of value to students who wishtoget afirmfoundation  inareas related to computing  and information  technology.The cognate also gives students considering study of Information Technology or Computer Science an opportunity to sample abroad range of courses in the field.

The cognate consists of three courses with no more than two courses to be taken from the same category (some courses may have pre-requisites). The Cognate will appear on each student’s transcript.




IT403 –IntrotoInternetTechnologies

IT502 –IntermediateWebDesign


CS405 –IntrotoProgrammingw/VisualBasic

CS410 –IntrotoScientificProgramming

MATH445 –MathandApplicationsw/MATLAB

IT505 –DatabaseProgramming

IT 520 – Computer Architecture


MATH439 –StatisticalDiscoveryforEveryone

MATH539 –IntrotoStatisticalAnalysis