Cognate in Computer Programming


The Cognate in Programming is designed so that students who wish to go beyond an introductory computer programming course to be able to meet the challenges that technology imposes.

This cognate is for UNH students who are interested in acquiring skills beyond just a basic programming language. This cognate would be an alternative to students who are not going to pursue a minor in Computer Science or Information Technology but still want to have the opportunity to partake a coherent, if short, curriculum that gives them a foundation to participate in programming activities as applicable to their technical areas.

The cognate consists of  three courses in total, with one required course and two courses selected from four different sequence options. The Cognate will appear on each student’s transcript.


  • IT403 –IntrotoInternetTechnologies

Choose one of the following two-course sequences:

Sequence one:

  • CS415 –IntrotoComputer Science I
  • CS416 –IntrotoComputer Science II

            OR  IT 505 Database Programming  

Sequence two:    

  • CS 414: From Problems to Algorithms to Programs (QR Disc)
  • CS 417: From Programs to Computer Science

            OR  IT 505: Database Programming

Sequence three:

  • CS 410: Intro to Scientific Programming                  
  • CS 417: From Programs to Computer Science

            OR IT 505: Database Programming

Sequence four:

  • CS 405: Introduction to Programming with Visual Basic (QR Disc)
  • IT 505: Database Programming